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sweet dreams

Our beds are supple and cushioned beyond belief, the beds' linen is breathtakingly gentle on your skin and our pillows have memory foam to better adjust to your position.


it's getting hot in here...

Our swimming pool is connected to a deck and the Isle-type bar. Lay back, have a beer, a cocktail, and soak in the gloriousness of the Cali sun and wonderful weather.


go for drinks

Be it from the comfyness of our swimming pool or the diner at the other end, our bartenders are prepared to make delicious cocktails, uncork your favorite wine bottle to compliment your snacks. 


the hangout

The terrace overlooks the historic center. Look up the skies and wonderful city whilst taking our daily yoga classes, dance lessons or just your routine relax sesh in a hammock.


hungry? ideli is waiting

Our restaurant offers a wide range of comfort foods for different lifestyles. Our chefs are always preparing fresh food thanks to our supply chain in which we have the best pick of daily produce.


the best party in cali

Piñazo Club is home to dance events where national and international DJ´s assault your senses to a frenzy of dance, great cocktails and new experiences with people from all over the world.

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