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sweet dreams

Our beds are supple and cushioned beyond belief, the beds' linen is breathtakingly gentle on your skin, and our memory foam pillows will perfectly adapt to your posture.


it's getting hot in here...

Our swimming pool is connected to a deck and an isle-type bar.
Lay back, have your favorite drink, and soak in the gloriousness of the Cali sun and the year-round wonderful weather.


drinks, anyone?

Be it from the comfyness of the swimming pool or from the diner at the other end, our bartenders are always ready to prepare delicious cocktails or uncork your favorite wine bottle to go with your snacks. 


the hangout

Looking for a quiet place to enjoy alone time for a while?
Enjoy the peaceful environment of our terrace to rest, to practice yoga, or to have your usual relax sesh laying in a hammock.


hungry? come to our restobar

Our restaurant offers a wide range of options for different likings and lifestyles. Our chefs prepare delicious, fresh food using the best daily picks of produce.


the best new dance academy

Baila La Vaina is the best Salsa Academy in Cali. Learn from experienced, English-speaking teachers in our free, daily group classes, and enjoy our programmed dance hangouts. Practice your dance moves and experience Cali's nightlife.

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