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la vaina travel guide

The Real Cali Experience

Join us in exploring the capital of Salsa and discover one of the most notorious cultural cities of South America.

panoramic view

cristo rey

This monument is one of Cali's main attractions. Plus, visiting Cristo Rey is one of the best ways to admire the whole city. The panorama from this viewpoint is breathtaking, and even more so at night.


las tres cruces trail

A fun way to workout is climbing up the Tres Cruces Hill.

It might be a physical challenge, but you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the city once you reach the top.

stroll around

san antonio neighborhood

If you just want to wander around, head to San Antonio: a cool, boho neighborhood filled with restaurants, bars and coffeeshops.

Lined up with colonial houses and colorful murals, you will also find the best spots for taking pictures.

cali's specialties

alameda market

The Alameda market is a mandatory stop if you're searching for some of the most delicious, typical dishes of the region. Get ready to be delighted by the taste of exotic fruits, the local beverages, ceviche and lots of pacific flavors.


boulevard del río

Take a relaxing walk along the Cali River while you discover some of the most important landmarks of the historic center of the city, such as the Ermita Church, the Poets Park and the Gato del Río Park. 

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