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la vaina travel

Unique tours for unique stories

Experience the local development around the city and the wonders this region has to show. Discover the unexplored area of Colombia with us.

let's fly!



Jungle trek, waterfalls, indigenous culture, kitesurfing until the sun sets. Visit one of the top kitesurf spots in the world because it's 350 days of wind in the year and it is on fresh water. Also home to the indigenous culture Los Calima. 

Learn about the community, this men-made lake and take some kite lessons.


canoe ride

nature's magical land

Pacific jungle, tucans, monkeys and a river up ride on a canoe.

Way out of your tourguide path, this community in the middle of the pacific jungles conserves the afro culture, their food, music and landscapes are breathtaking.


Get ready to have an authentic river experience.

a coffee break!



Coffee that grows on a unique volcanic land, deserving of the designation of origin label.


Outside of the traditional coffee region in Colombia, the coffee from the Cauca region has been the replacement for coca growth after the peace treaty.

Visit the farm, collect and learn about the coffee process.



organic variety @ 10mins on a taxi

Exotic fruits, local beverages, colombian ceviche and lots of pacific flavours are waiting for you at Alameda Market. There's a street food tour (tuesday to saturday) at 11am.

Average time: 2 hours.

crafting local flavour


craft beer factory

Visit the place where our local beer Torremolinos is made. Enjoy a walk through a botanical garden until the spring where the water is collected. Take pictures of an infinite type of tropical flowers and birds deep in Los Farallones.

Learn about the beer process and drink fresh spring beer.

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